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It's time for change

At the time of writing April is about to begin and with it the gentle easing of Corvid 19 meeting and activity restrictions.

It still remains an uncertain time, and I, like so many at the moment am taking each day as it comes, and forward thinking remains a little restricted. However a lot has changed and hopefully in time we will all be back fighting fit and better than ever.

I am using this time to reflect and change William David Ventures - it could be a very exciting time for us all!!!

It is going to take some time to rewrite and edit the websites of William David.

I am I admit not very good at updating as I should, so no false promises - just I will do my best to keep everyone informed.

The big change is that The Halfling Project will cease many of it's practical support functions, and will change it's core activities to reflect the changes that have happened during and due to lockdown and social distancing.

The updated mission plan will be released shortly.

Act4ward and Dramania will still in a revised form be part of the mix, and InvisAble Me - the project put on hold in 2020 will begin to build.

A major change is that of location - like so many I have been working from home for the past year, and practical drama work has been on hold.

The Station office will be closed.

No decisions have been made about new locations at this time.

So, as it stands not that much to report about the new activity - but a lot of ideas coming forward all however subject to how we get out of and hopefully stay out of lockdown and social distancing.

I would like to thank everyone for their continued support at this time - I am looking forward to moving forward, and hope to see many of you moving forward with me and personaly.

You will find most updates as they happen via Facebook.

New updated contact details will be issued shortly. 


With Kindest regards


William David

March 2021